Kimberley Porteous

BHSc (Nat), Graduate Diploma Information Technology, BA.

Kimberley Porteous is a degree-qualified naturopath with a special interest in the gut microbiome, sleep, hormonal disorders and perimenopause, burnout, weight management, thyroid health, autoimmune conditions, and anxiety.

For many years she worked as a multi-award-winning journalist and media executive, before turning her investigative skills and scepticism towards identifying the root cause behind symptoms of ill health.

She is experienced in analysing gut microbiome tests and brings about significant improvements in her patients’ health by correcting their digestive ecosystem.

Kimberley’s special focus areas include digestive disorders, insomnia, hormonal imbalances including perimenopause and menopause, stress management, fatigue and burnout, weight management, thyroid disorders, autoimmune conditions, cognitive performance, allergies, anxiety and depression, and anti-ageing.

She practices a data-driven, biomedical approach and works closely with your doctor and medical team to ensure you receive the best possible shared care.


As a former time-poor executive, she understands the difficulty of fitting a healthy lifestyle and diet into each day so she offers realistic treatment strategies and prepares customised meal plans to simplify changing habits.

She holds a Bachelor of Health Sciences (Naturopathy) from Endeavour College of Natural Health, is currently studying for a Masters in Nutrition at Deakin University, and is a proud member of the NHAA and ARONAH.

When not immersed in nutritional biochemistry, she enjoys the beaches and coastline around Bronte, bushwalking, sampling the wines of north east Victoria, learning Danish, practicing barre and watching ballet.

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The doctor of the future will no longer treat the human frame with drugs, but rather will cure and prevent disease with nutrition.

Thomas Edison

The food you eat can be either the safest and most powerful form of medicine, or the slowest form of poison.

Ann Wigmore
Wholistic Healer - 1909-1994

Good nutrition will prevent 95% of all disease

Linus Pauling
Biochemist, Peace Activist and Author, 1901-1994

Food is not just calories, it is information. It talks to your DNA and tells it what to do. The most powerful tool to change your health, environment and entire world is your fork.

Dr Mark Hyman
Physician, Scholar, Author

Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.

Father of Modern Medicine C .370BC

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