Bondi Health Wellness FertilityWith infertility on the rise in Australia there has never been a better time to learn how Natural Medicine can help balance your hormones, regulate your cycle, improve make fertility and help you and your partner to improve your health and fertility in preparation for a happy, healthy pregnancy.

Reproductive Healthcare

We provide specific treatments for reproductive problems such as menstrual irregularities, endometriosis, polycystic ovarian syndrome, fibroids and other reproductive conditions associated with fertility problems. So even if you’re not planning to start a family in the near future, we can address these conditions now, so when the time is right you can feel confident in your fertility.


Preconception for both women and men helps you to prepare your body for conception and maximize you chances of a healthy pregnancy. We have seen in practice how successful preconception support is, making sure you and your partner ore in robust good health before you conceive increases your chances of achieving a healthy, active pregnancy and gives your baby the very best start in life.

Pregnancy Support

We can help you maintain glowing good health during your pregnancy while ensuring that you and your growing baby receive optimal nutrition. Do you know what your nutritional needs will be during pregnancy? Many women don’t realize that these change throughout the different trimesters as baby draws on nutrients to grow and develop. Maintaining optimal nutrition during pregnancy ensures that women give their baby the best start in life and give themselves the best opportunity to recover well after birth and enjoy motherhood.


With the focus so often placed on the pregnancy and birth, many women underestimate the importance of nutrition in the postnatal period and its impact on their long-term health. Some women become nutritionally depleted during pregnancy, which can lead to long lasting fatigue and health problems after baby is born. Nutritional medicine is the ideal way to achieve a speedy recovery and support breastfeeding, so you can enjoy motherhood.


We use herbal and nutritional medicine to address fertility problems such as difficulty conceiving, recurrent miscarriage, irregular ovulation, older mums and hormonal problems. Male fertility problems such as low libido, erectile dysfunction, low sperm count, high morphology and poor sperm motility can be successfully treated with natural medicine. By using gentle and effective natural medicines we aim to maximize fertility and increase your chances of successful conception and pregnancy.

IVF Support

Natural medicine can be used to support you through your IVF journey. We ensure that you achieve optimal nutrition, maintain good health and manage stress to increase your chances of a successful outcome. These strategies are designed to support successful outcome and will not interfere with your IVF treatment.

Older Mums and Dads

It is common for couples to delay parenthood as they establish themselves in the relationships and careers. If you are considering parenthood and are toward the later part of your reproductive years then we can help you by maximising your fertility and supporting you through the pregnancy and postnatal period. Older parents-to-be have special nutritional requirements. Herbal and nutritional medicine helps to improve your chances of achieving a healthy pregnancy.

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