Children’s Health

Children's Health

Bondi_Health_Wellness_Childrens_HealthEveryone wants the very best for their children, but when it comes to nutrition there is so much conflicting advice that it can be difficult for parents to make healthy choices. 

Children need a nourishing, varied diet that provides them with all the vitamins, minerals and nutrients to fuel growth, energy and development.

Families are targeted by marketing from food companies that promote processed foods as quick, convenient, ‘healthy’ snacks for school lunches. This trend, along with aggressive marketing from fast food companies has contributed to the growing obesity crisis in our nation’s children.

Growing kids need a healthy whole food diet, that is delicious, nutritious and can fit in to a busy family’s diet. Reducing foods laden with chemicals, colourings and preservatives and increasing nutrient dense foods rich in natural sources of vitamins and minerals can make a big difference to a child’s health.

Immune System Health

Lowered immunity is a common problem for young children, often causing them to miss school or have to stay home from childcare with repeated infections. Herbal medicines and specific nutrients along with tailored dietary advice can help support a healthy immune system. Allergies and food intolerances are on the rise in Australia and can often be a problem even in young children. We can provide functional pathology testing to help identify food intolerances and dietary advice to help take the stress out of meal times.

Behavioural Problems

The impact of diet on children’s behavioural problems has been the subject of extensive research, and while we are still gathering evidence on the link between the two, we do know that improving a child’s nutrition helps to support all aspects of their health, including brain function and behaviour. The gut and the brain are intimately linked by a complex web of nerves and the brain is exquisitely sensitive to changes in biochemistry caused by an imbalanced gut microbiome (bacterial colonies in the digestive tract). We offer an extensive range of pathology  to help identify if gut problems are contributing to behavioural problems.

So if you would like advice on any aspect of nutrition for your child please make an appointment.

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