Part 3 of our 3-part Fertility Series: Postpartum

Article by Bianca Sheedy

Welcome to the third and final part of our fertility series, where we will be focusing on the postpartum period. The months after birth are a period of recovery and replenishment for both the birthing and non-birthing partner, and where issues with milk flow may arise.

Promoting healthy milk flow!

The first 3 months of the postpartum period is an important time to replenish depleted nutrients and support healing after giving birth. Nutrient requirements actually increase during breastfeeding so ensuring you have a nourishing diet and the right type of nutritional support helps to encourage healthy milk flow and establish breastfeeding.

Top tips for increasing milk flow for breastfeeding:

  • Eat a nutrient dense diet, with a wide variety of whole foods.
  • Continue taking a good quality natal multivitamin supplement throughout the breastfeeding stage
  • Increase your dose of a high-quality, breastfeeding specific probiotic to support key species of important bacteria that can be passed onto your baby. This will help to support their immune system, gut health, and potentially reduce the prevalence of eczema.
  • Make home-made lactation cookies using Bianca Sheedy’s recipe below. 

Traditions of post birth; would it benefit our modern-day new mothers?

There are many cultures around the globe who engage in traditional rituals to support maternal recovery in the postpartum period. Traditional Chinese customs practice “Sitting the month”, a sacred time where new Mothers are advised to stay home to focus on their own postpartum recovery while looking after their baby. 

In modern day society, new parents can have the pressure of entertaining family and friends who want to meet their newborn baby. New Mothers may benefit from saying ‘yes’ to help when offered, taking periods of rest, and allowing themselves to be “mothered” during this transition period. 

Our Naturopathic fertility specialist, Bianca Sheedy, recently went to a friend’s Blessingway where, rather than gifts, the new mother requested that her guests make a healthy postpartum meal that she could freeze and enjoy during the first few weeks after giving birth. Perhaps this extra quality time is the best gift we could give new parents. 

How can we support the non-birthing partner?

Welcoming a new baby into your life can be a big adjustment for parents. The recovery of new Dad’s/non birthing parents is just as important! Father’s and non-birthing parents can also experience antenatal and postnatal anxiety and depression; therefore, it is important that we find more ways to support them during this new stage of life. 

Our Naturopaths at Bondi Health and Wellness can support the non-birthing partner by providing nutrition and lifestyle advice, as well as herbal and nutritional medicine, where indicated, to help them adjust to this new stage of ife. So if you would like to book an appointment with one of our Naturopaths please click here