Bondi_Health_Wellness_DepressionDepression is incredibly common in Australia, affecting one in every seven people at some stage in their life. It can strike like a bolt out of the blue for some people, while others live with a low level of mood disturbance for years. It can be a frightening and isolating experience for many people and may impact relationships, careers and family life.

Thanks to the efforts of several organizations, such as Beyond Blue, RUOK? Day and The Black Dog Institute, and a number of high profile Australians, such as Magda Szubanski, Ian Thorpe, Jessica Rowe and Buddy Franklin, awareness about mental health is being raised in Australia and more people are seeking help.

While medical assessment and support are essential, many people may not realise that natural medicine can play an important role in depression recovery.

Specific nutrients and herbal medicines can support healthy mood, reduce anxiety, improve energy and sleep, and where necessary, can be safely prescribed alongside pharmaceutical antidepressants. We are an integrative clinic and are happy to work with medical practitioners, psychologists and psychiatrists to provide our clients with the most comprehensive model of healthcare.

Many different factors contribute to the development of depression and along with neurochemical changes and genetics; researchers have identified inflammation and toxicity as part of the complex array of factors that influence brain health.

We are particularly interested in the gut-brain axis and the influence of the gut microbiome on brain health. We can offer our clients a range of options to investigate this link, if indicated.

Like any illness, a nourishing diet, rest, stress management and appropriate exercise can play an important role in recovery and we support our clients in making healthy choices in all these areas.

So if you or someone you love is suffering from depression and would like to include natural medicine in your recovery program, call us today.

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