Express Cleanse Program

Express Cleanse Program

Do you want a fresh start for your health? Wouldn’t you love to have boundless energy, more effective metabolism, clearer skin, brighter mood and a new approach to healthy eating that will help motivate you throughout the year?
The festive season is often a time for indulgence as we celebrate with family and friends, and then there’s all the socialising that comes with a long hot Sydney Summer.

So now is the perfect time to reset your health, and make a fresh start to the year with a Summer Cleanse.

Benefits of Cleansing 

  • Boost energy
  • More effective metabolism
  • Improves gut function
  • Promotes mental clarity
  • Clearer skin
  • Improve your nutrition
  • Learn a fresh new way of eating

Express Summer Cleanse 2 Weeks – $225.00

This is the perfect kick start and a great way to set yourself up for a busy year ahead.This gives you all you need to get motivated and start a whole new way of eating.

This is great value for money and includes:

  • Two appointments with a qualified Nutritionist
  • Two Cellular Health Screenings and detailed reports to assess the state of your health and monitor your progress
  • Access to our online Detox program which has loads of delicious recipes and resources
  • Support emails to motivate you and keep you on track

We  may also prescribe nutritional supplements, depending on what type of detox support is needed. These are available for an additional cost. We also offer longer programs if needed for those people who have more complex health problems.

So if you would like to supercharge your health contact us today!