Tania Flack

B.H.Sci (Nat), Ad Dip (Nat), Dip (Nut), NFMP, MNHAA

Tania Flack is a leading Naturopath and Nutritionist, with a special interest in endocrine, reproductive and metabolic health. She specialises in DNA Wellness Genomics and Gut Microbiome testing and designs innovative health care programs to help people achieve optimal health. She believes in an integrated approach to healthcare, including the use of evidence based natural medicine.

Based for many years in Melbourne’s Collins Street and now located in Sydney, Tania has spent many years specialising in women’s health and fertility and has completed further studies in natural fertility and preconception health care.

Using an evidence based approach to natural medicine, Tania uses a variety of comprehensive screening tools and functional pathology testing to assess your health, formulate the most effective treatment plan and monitor your progress, to ensure you get the best results.


She is a graduate of the Australian College of Natural Medicine, and holds a Bachelor of Health Science, an Advanced Diploma of Heath Science in Naturopathy, Diploma of Herbal Medicine, a Diploma of Nutrition and additional qualifications in natural fertility management. Tania has also completed further studies in paediatrics, behavioural problems in children and autism spectrum and is a qualified MAPS practitioner.

Tania’s warm, realistic approach mixed with a strong emphasis on education and patient responsibility helps to inspire patients to be proactive about their health and make long term changes in their diet and lifestyle that will serve them in the years to come.

Tania is passionate about educating and empowering people to achieve and maintain optimal health and is committed to providing the highest quality health care.

In her spare time, she writes health articles for Nature & Health Magazine and other publications.









Tania has provided both my husband and I the most excellent advice over the last 5 years for a variety of reasons, including pre-conception and pre-natal dietary advice (for me), anxiety, stress and adrenal fatigue (for my husband) as well as overall general well-being for both of us and our small family.Tania has given us the tools to have a healthy relationship with food and get back on the straight and narrow when needed. In addition, the herbs and advice given to my husband have greatly helped raise his energy levels. I would highly recommend Tania, she is amazing!

C & B, Sydney

Tania was recommended through a friend. She is very thorough and educated in her field. I find one of the best parts of seeing Tania is that she cares for each individual and their personal needs.  I love our visits with Tania as she help us practically walk through any health related issues, teaches us and shows us what is going on. She explains everything simply and doesn't judge our failures but helps to encourage and celebrate the wins. I fully recommend her services to everyone who wants perspective on anything from physical appearance, to diseases of the body.

J & J, Sydney

I would love to highly recommend Tania Flack. I suffered many years and saw numerous doctors, specialists and naturopaths with no relief or answer to my pain and suffering. Since seeing Tania from May 2016, I no longer have any symptoms. She is the only one that guided me into further testing,change of diet and natural vitamins to allow me to feel the way I do today and to be able to enjoy my kids without being in agony daily. Thank you Tania!.

M, Sydney

Tania is the utmost professional. She’s a wealth of knowledge and can always dig up a solution to support my health concerns. I have found Tania to be engaging, supportive and sincere. I would highly recommend Tania to anyone.

S, Sydney

Tania is the utmost professional. She’s a wealth of knowledge and can always dig up a solution to support my health concerns. I have found Tania to be engaging, supportive and sincere. I would highly recommend Tania to anyone.

S, Sydney

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