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Rediscover your health and vitality with Sydney’s leading group of specialist Naturopaths and Nutritionists. Here at Bondi Health & Wellness we pride ourselves on providing quality healthcare, drawing from the best evidence based natural medicine and traditional health practices.


The following types of natural health appointments are currently available in clinic:
  • imgNaturopathic appointment with Tania Flack
    Tania Flack is a leading Naturopath and Nutritionist, with a special interest in endocrine, reproductive and metabolic health. She specialises in DNA Wellness Genomics and Gut Microbiome testing and designs innovative health care programs to help people achieve optimal health. She believes in an integrated approach to healthcare, including the use of evidence based natural medicine. Tania has spent many years specialising in women’s health and fertility and has completed further studies in natural fertility and preconception health care.
  • imgNutrition appointment with Brooke Schiller
    Brooke is a nutritionist who believes a life lived in balance creates optimum health and happiness. Drawing from a blend of evidence and tradition in practice, she understands that each client is unique and creates treatment plans accordingly, using clinical research and Eastern concepts. Brooke supports the nutritional philosophy of Michael Pollan: Eat food, not too much, mostly plants.

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To book a Skype appointment, simply chose your appointment type, click the “book now’ button and select an appointment date and time. Please make a note in the “Extra Information” section requesting a Skype appointment and add your Skype address details. We will send a Skype contact request prior to your appointment.