Clinical Nutritionist,
Lifestyle Medicine Specialist

Anthony is a passionate, caring, client focused, clinical nutritionist who specialises in mental health, children’s health and body transformation. He is a firm believer in treating the whole person, ensuring all aspects of wellbeing are addressed and supported.

Anthony’s passion for health and wellness started as a kid reading health magazines, books and fulfilling a sporting obsession. He is constantly striving to grow through continued learning having successfully completed three bachelor degrees in Nutrition (with distinction), Complementary Medicine (with distinction) and Chemical Engineering (honours). Whilst studying Anthony was awarded the University Medal for academic excellence by Endeavour College of Natural Health. Received two bursary scholar awards from Australian Natural Therapies Association and was recognised by Australian Traditional Medicine Society as the most highly commended student of the year.

Although Anthony has achieved academic excellence he states his greatest achievement is his family. He loves spending his spare time with his wife Adriana, and their two children Sofia and Ollie. On weekends, Anthony enjoys coaching Ollie’s soccer team and going on family adventures, whether it be to the local beach or camping in a national park.






Outstanding service. Anthony is incredibly knowledgeable across so many areas of health. He tailored made a treatment plan for my health issue which had immediate results, he also cares and follows up regularly. I cannot recommend him highly enough.

T.H - Sydney

I wholeheartedly recommend the professional services of Anthony Hartcher. His consultation was extensive and it highlighted his extensive breadth of knowledge. He has a genuine and caring approach and he provided me with an individually tailored health and well being' plan which resulted in my overall health definitely improving.

T.M - Sydney

I could not sleep well previously and could not work efficiently. I visited couple clinics before and was provided a lot of pills from them but it did not work. I had one consultation with Anthony and it was very helpful. He provided holistic service, analyzed my daily life and found out that the reason why I could not sleep well was because I focused on work too much and my life was unbalanced. He provided couple useful suggestions to me and recommended me a very useful supplement. Will definitely recommend Anthony to everyone else!

G.S - Sydney

Anthony is an amazing source of information and knowledge. He provides sensible, easy to follow advice working around a client's lifestyle to help achieve health goals.

S.L - Sydney

I highly recommend Anthony to everyone! He helped me a lot in my health, mental and spiritual struggle. When I first saw him a couple of months ago, I was totally exhausted and I had a skin rash around my eyes. I wasn´t able to see any way out of my misery even I tried everything and I seemed to lived a healthy life. He provided me with great supplements for gut healing and low iron level. He also taught me a couple of very helpful little things in daily life (positive affirmation, cooking,..). So by that there was a shift happening. Every day was led by positive thoughts. Anthony has a very kind and calm personality and I was able to trust him straight away. He believed in my health and that helped me to believe in myself. He is 100% committed in helping people and he is dedicated to his job. His confidence helped me to really believe in healing. What also helped me was that he is very honest, for example he suggested me to do the relaxing yin yoga instead of hatha yoga because my energy level was so low. By mentioning that he helped me to really see where I was at. I was so depleted but I tried to not see it and push against it. It took a few months until my energy came back and my skin cleared up. I am very thankful for all his help and believe!

D.S - Sydney

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